“They unhinged self-evident, deeply engrained routines and attitudes of music making causing an entertaining as well as eye- and ear-liberating experience. They started by looming from the dark as purified sectarian creatures, situated themselves to dine in strangely mysterious postures exchanging sounds consequently in wonderful illogical moves from behind, upon, under and along the table as they led the audience into a rich realm of song. A very successful and productive transposition of performance-routines and an implicit comment on current Zeitgeist”
Henning Bolte, Written in music, NL

When you enter the world of the trans Scandinavian ensemble Sekten, you´ll encounter a whiff of madness and frail naïvity combined with musical breadth and instrumental mastery. The Swedish lyrics are sung beautifully straight, or unpleasantly threatful. Strong melodic themes are being presented on layers of rhythms and improvisations played with fearless spontaneity.

On stage, Sekten is performing uniformed and give the audience a total conceptual experience of the stage set and the music. With focus on improvisation, intuition and interaction, this unique band delivers a constantly surprising performance.

Sekten is Qarin Wikström - voice, Simon Toldam - piano, Stephan Sieben - guitar, Putte Johander - bass and Knut Finsrud - drums.

Sekten's debut album, Annars är det tyst, was released in 2005 and received a Danish Music Award for best vocal release. In late 2008, they released their number two, Mäktiga Vingar, once again showing their talent for alternative and intuitive songwriting.

KLUBBHUS – a music film by Sofie Tønsberg and Sekten, was released in 2012
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Sekten (in color)
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Sekten c/o Qarin Wikström
Husumgade 21, st
2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark

tel. +45 60 81 97 77

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